Logic seems Illogical

Once in a year one day

We celebrate born day

With full of sweets in a tray

Enjoying the surprises in the way

Filled with meriment the whole day

Obviously this is the special day till we stay

Following this trend since ages,it repeats in the same way

All of a sudden…

One thought buzzed in my mind hidden

Is it worth celebrating birth day??

Squeezing my mind,occured to one point

On our born day,one supreme soul

Toils and boils to the core

With labour pain takes hours to cure

In order to bring out the sign of love as a child in limelight for sure

So,who is worth for celebration on born day?

Is the one who struggled to give another life it’s power


The one who got life, giving struggle to mother??

Yes,definitely child is a born winner

But why the one who nurtured the winner remains not wished on that special day?


Thus,I feel the whole logic behind celebrating bday seems illogical


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